JJ020 & JJ021

Very excited to present two new tapes!
A little later than expected (due to the COVID season), but here they finally are:


♩♩020 Oval Angle - Speaking in Circles
This new tape is one exotic flower of an lp made by draughtsman and Antwerp resident Geran Knol under his Oval Angle moniker. Every track pushes the next one forward with a fine sense of melody, balancing between fifties-exotica, gamelan vibes and fm-neatness.

♩♩021 Atoris - Atoris
Atoris is a Japanese electronic impro-trio consisting of Yudai Osawa, Kohey Oyamada and H. Takahashi.
Two tracks that will comfort your quarantined minds just right. Like a perfectly layered cake served with just enough toppings to keep summer dreams bright and alive and fill every room with quiet wonder.

You can find them here

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