The twisted Word

If you happen to have read this months The Word Magazine, we sincerely hope to not come across as blunt as we seem to appear in the interview that got featured. The person whom we had a long nice chat with unfortunately didn’t transcript the interview himself. So, words got twisted around a bit and the way the interview is put together could lead to believe that we don't want to be a record label or that we don't care enough about what we do and who we work with. To be clear: we care. A lot. For those who want to read more: we elaborate a bit on specific outtakes because we feel it doesn't come close to what we are or what we think Jj funhouse should or can be.

On fridaynight Milan W. is playing a show at the first edition of Schiev Festival in Brussels. He has a whole new set up and it sounds wowwie again. Less lullaby, more beat!