The other one

And here's the second one :

JJ005 is an upcoming cassette by Milan W., called 'Slo Mo'. Containing 12 truly amazing tracks, pretty hard to pick just one for soundcloud. You can already listen to 'Fortuna', whilst we wait impatiently for the tapes to arrive.

Busy agenda this weekend:

on friday (28/11) the 'Ghostriders in the sky' night by Ultra Eczema is on at Het Bos. Mittland och Leo is playing a version amongst many many other boys and girls. It's the 7th part of Ultra Eczema's 'Toekomstmuziek festival'.

On saturday (29/11) Milan W. is playing a show at Klappei together with Floris Van Hoof, a Mind the gap night which Gonzo Circus is organizing.

And on sunday (30/11) Ultra Eczema is presenting a book 'Dennis Tyfus: Verleden tijdsbesteding' at 'de Bosbar' at daytime. Later that night Mittland och Leo is playing a show at Stadslimiet with HamaYôko. For this occasion Entr'acte will publish an event-only cassette in an edition of 50 numbered. It features new and previously-unreleased tracks by both artists. Only 40 copies will be for sale, and not available elsewhere subsequently.

So, make sure to come over!