Shi shi

We've been reprinting the JJ003 T-shirts (for a last time) and totebags (both blue on white and white on black) for the labelmarket that's happening tomorrow, Saturday at Het Bos ( & what's left of them will be available in the shop afterwards).


Floris Van Hoof will present his new dvd, a lot of shows will be happening and there's an extensive dj line up. Mittland och Leo will be dj'ing as well as our favourite DJean Matthew from Für Dich Verlag.

Since we're (unfortunately) both busy with non Jj stuff these days, we still haven't found the time to photograph the Earth.Rope.Pot.Plant. book we designed. The presentation (by Earth.Rope.Pot.Plant.) at Het Bos last weekend was lovely. Mieke Verbijlen, who's photographs are widely spread out in the book, has some pictures on her blog.