Merry Everything


there isn't a new Christmas tape for this years event, but there are some permanent sales and you can download all three previous compilations for free. All filled to the brim with soothing sounds to calm your inner demon down nicely and more importantly: to soundtrack your pousse-café by the fire, canapé style, so you can waltz through the starlit night and live happily ever after.

We wish you all happy holidays and a lovely end of the year.
Here's to 2020! ✨


Thanks again David Edren, Jan Matthé, Roger 3000, Milan W., Hiele, ssaliva, Suzanne Kraft, Masahiro Takahashi, H. Takahashi, Wimbeau, &apos, MIAUX, Molnbär av John, Accou, Alpár, a.h.h., Art Interface, Oval Angle, L. Lanser & N Chambers