Roger 3000 & Milan W

Date: 10 Jan 2015


Facebook event

JJ004 & JJ005 Presentation

JJ004 is a C-20 tape by Roger 3000

'UFO love letters' blooms with some kind of fresh tailor cut elegance. His romantic miniatures catch a fine-tuned balance that comfort you just right. A soundtrack for the strangest parts of your every day.
Playing live with Dj New Smile.

JJ005 is a C-40 tape by Milan W.

Milan W knows how to distill the best out of the best European masters of electronic atmospheria, serves it up without the boring parts and marks his own stamp right in the middle. A nice companion for your woolen sweater or mental hiking, 'Slomo' is the name for your heart's wild game.

& Dj Allon Kaye

Both present these tapes at Stadslimiet, the most tiny but most adored 'concert'hall of all, opened by Ultra Eczema & Vaast Colson at Ernest Van Dijckkaai 4, 2000 Antwerp.