Atoris - Atoris

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2020 Tape

Atoris is a Japanese electronic impro-trio consisting of Yudai Osawa, Kohey Oyamada and H. Takahashi. You might remember the last name from the top glitter he’s been sprinkling on our first Xmas compilation.


On this self-titled album, the trio serves two deep chilled slices of improv cosmotronica that will make you trip to some next frontier, with quite some characters running around it’s exquisite landscapes. Sit back and let yourself glide into this warm bath of intergalactic splendour and drift around different sceneries that look strange but feel o so familiar.


These two tracks will comfort your quarantined minds just right. Like a perfectly layered cake served with just enough toppings to keep summer dreams bright and alive and fill every room with quiet wonder. Indoor oceanic fun is all we have and need now. We suggest you slide this one in your tape-desk and let your inner dolphins jump up and down and float around in your bathtub.



Jj funhouse · Atoris - Atoris snippets (JJ021 Out Soon!)

MUSIC & MASTERING by H.Takahashi, Yudai Osawa & Kohei Oyamada
RISOPRINT by Risiko Press
ARTWORK by Jj funhouse
PUBLISHED by Jj funhouse, 2020
Comes with a unique download code and is limited to 150 hand numbered pieces.