ssaliva - unplugged vol. 1

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2018 CD

This is the first volume in ssaliva's unplugged series. This first volume contains 11 synthetic vignettes, a very stripped back affair, much more then we are used of this ever so elegant master of layering and kingpin of the lighter kind of electronic lasagna, digesting the latest flavors long before they get stale. Not on this one though. These are more skeletons of pop songs, bare and glassy, played on a fake nylon-stringed koto for an imaginary court of internet angels.



MUSIC BY ssaliva. DRAWING BY Julien Meert. LAY-OUT BY Jj funhouse. PUBLISHED BY Jj funhouse, 2018. CD - 20 min.
Comes in a gatefold, silver and black offset print, with a cover drawing by Julien Meert and is limited to 500 pcs.