Accou - Serafine

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2017 Tape

JJ012 is a C-25 by Accou, a somewhat mysterious frenchman residing in Brussels with a history of hard-ware jams and spaced out synth-fog, but on 'Serafine', he only used his electronic brainmachine.


If you like those semi-hysteric moments in weird eighties b-movies, especially the party and artworld-scenery, then this one is for you. A tape filled with digital daydreams that turn your couch into some time-travelling vessel. Ikebana kitsch mixed with tribal flavors and ethereal voices from all corners of the galaxy: it's all there. No wonder these sounds are made as a tribute for American sound-effects maestro and composer Frank Serafine, the genius behind the soundworld of blockbusters like Tron, Star Trek, Poltergeist and tons of other movies.


ALL MUSIC BY Accou, Composed and recorded on computer in Bologna, Italy 2016. LAYOUT BY Jj funhouse. RISOPRINTED AT Risiko Press. PUBLISHED BY Jj funhouse, 2017.
Comes with a unique download code and is limited to 150 hand numbered pieces.