Vol. 1 'Jjingle Bells'

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2016 Tape

Jj funhouse Christmas Compilation Vol. 1 'Jjingle Bells'

Music for warm sweaters. A perfect mix tape to lighten up all your christmas dinners and relax your muscles from all the emotional and/or physical turbulence that comes with it. Needless to say it's quite perfect to cure every sort of post-festive hangover too. Pure chalet delight with enough bite to chase all those plastic cupped glühwein nightmares out of the cabin. This tape is filled to the brim with soothing sounds to calm your inner demon down nicely and more importantly: to soundtrack your pousse-café by the fire, canapé style, so you can waltz through the starlit night and live happily ever after.




V/A C-30
ARTWORK by Jj funhouse
RISOPRINT by Risiko Press
PUBLISHED by Jj funhouse, 2016
150 hand numbered pcs