Alpár - Tropic Daze

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2015 Tape

You're about to swallow your sweet summer love and BANG there's Bálint Zalkai aka Alpár with an oh so sweet reminder, a tape filled with hardcore memories freezed out for your best K-way behaviour.
Tropic Daze, slinky themes from an analogue twiddler; bad boy romantics and street wise synth cocktails straight out of Budapest.



"A nom de plume for the man behind the brilliant Farbwechsel label based out of Budapest, Bálint Zalkai, Alpár sees the Hungarian producer turning his hand to old school Schulze-style arpeggiated Kosmische. This tape on relatively young Belgium imprint JJ Funhouse in many ways distils the synth epics of 70s Berlin School to its most potent possible form. Doing away with the quarter hour interludes, Zalkai deals almost solely in overlapping and interlocking synth arpeggios bouncing around in the foreground, while a smattering of drum machine hits and pads occasionally tower above in the distance. The entire cassette is brimming with awesome melodies and pulsing themes, which never outstay their welcome with nothing breaching the six minute mark - although ironically they easily could. Opening track ‘Bajo Alicia’ builds old school cosmic sounds into something nearing a danceable peak, but cuts after around 3:40, while the outright funky tune on ‘Tintipaģn Island’ has the potential to go way way further, and I foresee massive beats that never arrive. Ultimately, Alpįr’s choice to keep the cuts relatively slim is the right one though, with each of the nine self-contained mini-synth-onies resounding with the power of something much longer form, shimmering with masses of gorgeous melody."


ALL MUSIC BY Bálint Zalkai, quantized and recorded at Budapest, 2015. ARTWORK BY Jj funhouse. RISOPRINTED AT Risiko Press. PUBLISHED BY Jj funhouse, 2015. Comes with a unique download code and is limited to 150 hand numbered pieces.