DSR Lines - Analogie van de dageraad

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2015 Tape

Antwerp synth hero David Edren has been flexing his modular muscles in the Swedish institute of analog fun. This ‘Analogie van de dageraad’ C-45 tape is the result of his 10 days visit to Stockholm’s ElektronMusikStudion and local affair with the Buchla and Serge Synthesizers.

Deep cuts of knitted sound (like macrame gone wrong, but just right), will drone you out straight to Walhalla. We’re not going to highlight any tracks, they're all fireplace material, repetitive rhythmic patterns melting into a river of radiophonic syrup. Even in his abstract ways this Scheldapen veteran cooks up tracks you want to hug. Chunky cables of electric soundwool coated in chocolate, a creamy delight for your mind. The few beats are slamming and you've got plenty of time to get into it.
A 45 minutes long, analogy of dawn.


ALL MUSIC BY David Edren, mixed and compiled at ll150, Antwerp. All tracks are live improvisations, recorded between October 1st and 8th, 2014 at ElektronMusikStudion, Stockholm. ARTWORK BY Jj funhouse. RISOPRINTED AT Risiko Press. PUBLISHED BY Jj funhouse, 2015. Comes with a unique download code and is limited to 100 hand numbered pieces.