Milan W - Slo Mo

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2014 Tape

Jj's homeboy Milan Warmoeskerken returns once again, this time with a cassette under his own name.
This tape feels more like a full lp effort. It's 11 tracks glow like electric fish under the deep frozen surface of some Siberian lake. Ancient machinerhythms whisper with the speed of falling snowflakes, knitting a perfect pattern for this guy’s endless book of gripping synth melodies. Bottomless and trapped in the right kind of reverberation, coming of age never felt so solid gold.

Every track feels like an old friend, the kind you don't want to change. So it's rather difficult to point out some favorites. 'Wave' puts you right on track, 'Fortuna' rings all the right bells and 'Vessel' feels like a warm stove, Milan W knows how to distill the best out of the best European masters of electronic atmospheria, serves it up without the boring parts and marks his own stamp right in the middle. A nice companion for your woolen sweater or mental hiking, 'Slomo' is the name for your heart's wild game.


ALL MUSIC BY Milan Warmoeskerken, recorded between 2011 & 2014 at home in Antwerp. ARTWORK BY Jj funhouse. RISOPRINTED AT Risiko Press. PUBLISHED BY Jj funhouse, 2014. Comes with a unique download code and is limited to 100 hand numbered pieces.