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2014 Record

Antwerp’s boy wonder Milan Warmoeskerken bangs out six dusty slabs of power melancholia on his first release as Crumar Young. It’s his second solo recording after the Music for night(shops) split-single under his own name and the first Mittland och Leo single on Ultra Eczema together with Joke Leonare. It’s also the first release on our brand new label.

Once again Mr Warmoeskerken provides a home for the wandering spirits of Joe Meek, Bruce Haack and Raymond Scott. He’s got the same moody optimism flowing through his melodies. You feel it’s just the nature of the beast, no sloppy imitations here.

It’s mostly an uptempo record and apart from the treated machine rhythms and analog keyboard melodies we can witness some electric bass and stoney guitar flutterings to enhance the more rocky feel of the tracks. The use of breaks lets the music flow in a more song-like direction. All together, the six tracks tell some kind of small tragedy with the energy of somebody who’s always up for another beer and a late night swim on one of those hot summer nights we are now craving for. Refreshments to go.


In a way you can feel the throdding energy of the new-beat stomp cycling through this record, other people might think more krauty like Cluster or PopolVuh on speed. Trancy and with an amount of information bordering on the (disco)functional, this record will get you where it hurts so good. The rain falls anyway, so get up and dance!

Inspired by his daily route to the studio, all the tracks are named after the fancy boutiques of the Turnhoutsebaan. Housing one kebab-joint after the next night-shop, these temples of old glory are lighting up the half-dead end of Antwerp hood Borgerhout with some lost immigrant soul. A perfect marriage for the grit of this strictly 4-track epic.


MUSIC by Milan Warmoeskerken. MIXED by Joris Caluwaerts at Finster. MASTERED by Kris Delacourt. ARTWORK by Jj funhouse in co. with Milan Warmoeskerken. PUBLISHED by Jj funhouse, 2014. Comes in a B&W printed discosleeve, a thick plastic silkscreened outersleeve and includes a unique downloadcode. Limited to 300 pieces.

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