Holiday Season– 30.11.2021


We'll be here!

Allo Pablo (a selection of exquisite posters by Margaux’s grandfather, an art collector), fig. (essentials & one offs + gift season specials), Jeff's coffee (freshly roasted coffee), Maiwe (moisturising rosehip), Subterranean kitchen atelier (medicinal delicatessen), Viktoria Von Malottki (handmade detailed jewelry), Wilder (the best candles!)


The last Christmas Compilation tapes are flying out the door. Find copies of ‘I Wonder as I Wander’ via our Bandcamp.

If you’d like them to arrive on time for your Holiday gatherings, don’t wait to long, the post usually have their hands full during gift season.

VHASSAL– 13.03.2021

We are super delighted to announce Jj's 23rd release,

After excursions into leftfield disco and folk-jazz meditations, Vhassal is Prins Emanuel’s third longplayer. Whereas his first lp oozed youthful carelessness and euphoria and the second one takes on a more visceral note, this album breathes hope and sentimentality. It will come as no surprise that the part time fruit picker from Malmö became a father in the meantime. Vhassal is a beautiful dedication to his daughter and will be up for pre order, on fathers day, next week. Out in the world on 12.04.2021!

Jj funhouse · Prins Emanuel - Vhassal (JJ023 preview)(Releasedate: 12.04.2021)

Welcoming 2021– 06.12.2020

JJ022 is a 2021 calendar and is now up for pre order!

Monthly wall planner incl. a memo page, lunar calendar and week numbering.
Printed in black on 170g. Screenprinted cardboard cover.
Full size A3, A4 🌀bound.
Edition of 50.


Shipping starts on the 14th of December. Please note that due to holiday season and the ongoing safety measures, some parcels may take longer to arrive than normal.

Looking for gifts in Antwerp? They will be available at our favourite flower- & giftshop Wilder from Saturday onwards.

Meanwhile... get cosy with the last copies of 'Icicle' and 'I wonder as I wander' the 2nd & 3rd Christmas Compilation on tape.

Stay warm, stay healthy!

Vhassal– 01.11.2020

We are delighted to announce that we'll be releasing 'Vhassal' (early 2021), Prins Emanuels wonderful new baby recorded between '19 & '20!


JJ020 & JJ021– 29.06.2020

Very excited to present two new tapes!
A little later than expected (due to the COVID season), but here they finally are:


♩♩020 Oval Angle - Speaking in Circles
This new tape is one exotic flower of an lp made by draughtsman and Antwerp resident Geran Knol under his Oval Angle moniker. Every track pushes the next one forward with a fine sense of melody, balancing between fifties-exotica, gamelan vibes and fm-neatness.

♩♩021 Atoris - Atoris
Atoris is a Japanese electronic impro-trio consisting of Yudai Osawa, Kohey Oyamada and H. Takahashi.
Two tracks that will comfort your quarantined minds just right. Like a perfectly layered cake served with just enough toppings to keep summer dreams bright and alive and fill every room with quiet wonder.

You can find them here

Please note that due to current postal restrictions, we are unable to ship everywhere outside of the EU.
There is an exception for the following countries: Russia, Brazil, Canada, USA, China, Japan & South Korea.

A Figurative Meaning– 28.06.2020

Here's 'A Figurative Meaning', one of our top favorites and the 8th track on 'Speaking in Circles', one exotic flower of an lp made by draughtsman and Antwerp resident Geran Knol under his Oval Angle moniker.

Jj funhouse · Oval Angle - A Figurative Meaning (JJ020 - Out soon!)

Should've been out by now but got delayed due to the Covid-19 season. The good news is that it is (literally) on its way to us and thus to you. We hope to release this beautiful cassette next week, right in time to slide it in your oldschool car tapedeck as a soundtrack for all your roadtrips-in-own-countries.

Meanwhile Geran made a beautiful video for 'Full Circle', the opening track:

Oval Angle– 30.03.2020

We're happy to announce that 'Speaking in Circles', a new album by Oval Angle, will be released on Jj this spring!

You can listen to 'Dicterend Ritme' by watching this beautiful accompanying video, made by the man himself on the rhythm of his first single.

There is a nice review of Spirit & Form (Dutch) in Gonzo Circus and you can read a conversation between David Edren and The Word, discussing the roots of 'Spirit & Form' (with Bent Von Bent), his journey through experimental electronic music and the influence of gaming on his musical practice.

Stay safe everyone!

Remixed– 13.03.2020


Spirit & Form invited some of their close friends for a remix of their latest album. The collection is a beauty and we are lucky enough to gift it to you! Get a free download via our bandcamp and grab a copy of the original record while you are at it.

JJ019 IS OUT– 06.02.2020


Spirit & Form - Spirit & Form is out now!

Spirit & Form unfolds a rippling waterfall, an oceanic wave of sequenced sound to safeguard against the drowning of a city-stressed soul. Like a spa for the brain, relaxing your meditation muscles with melodies of deep dreams and high hopes. A digitech video ad for a coconut-flavored aperitivo with ice-tickling images, new age flavors, fluorescently-lighted polygon meshes and deepdark shading. 
Well, all these spirits are taking new form here; electronic exotica and slow burning ambient prepared from a deep-felt love for specific vibes and spaces. A very personal and perfectly paced soft swinging masterpiece.

Find it here!

Merry Everything– 24.12.2019


there isn't a new Christmas tape for this years event, but there are some permanent sales and you can download all three previous compilations for free. All filled to the brim with soothing sounds to calm your inner demon down nicely and more importantly: to soundtrack your pousse-café by the fire, canapé style, so you can waltz through the starlit night and live happily ever after.

We wish you all happy holidays and a lovely end of the year.
Here's to 2020! ✨


Thanks again David Edren, Jan Matthé, Roger 3000, Milan W., Hiele, ssaliva, Suzanne Kraft, Masahiro Takahashi, H. Takahashi, Wimbeau, &apos, MIAUX, Molnbär av John, Accou, Alpár, a.h.h., Art Interface, Oval Angle, L. Lanser & N Chambers

S&F– 16.09.2019

We are very excited to announce our next release.
JJ019 is a self titled album by Spirit & Form, out early 2020. 🎋


You can listen to 'Effective Honing', the 5th track on this beautiful long player.

Out 06.02.2020!

Bells Bells Bells– 20.12.2018

Ring a Ding Ding, it’s time to fill your stocking.
‘Icicle’ is the 3rd Jj funhouse Christmas Compilation.
10 residents and new musical blood joined together on this annual classic tape wire.

With Ōgon Batto, ssaliva, Alpár, David Edren, N Chambers, Roger 3000, Oval Angle, Masahiro Takahashi, Jan Matthé & Accou.

We have a duo deal on Vol. 2 & Vol. 3!
Please note that due to holiday season, tapes won't be delivered before Christmas. We're very sorry for this inconvenience.

Happy Holidays Erryone!

JJ017 is out today– 05.11.2018

'Omnipresent Windows' is a tape full of free flowing sounds by Masahiro Takahashi and his glowing pacific diary. Dusty bells, non-pathetic guitar strumming, dreamy flute melodies and synth chords, surtout a lot of micro-memories.


You may find yourself sleepwalking in some early Beat Takeshi movie, surely the ones that play out close to the beach: awkward smiles and some teenage love drama followed by new friendships. Mellow tronic for the golden hour.

You can buy it here.
Please note that BPOST is having a strike from Wednesday 7th to Monday 12th of November, deliveries might take a while!

Table Dance– 10.06.2018

Supper Club with ssaliva on the 21th of June.
Presenting 'unplugged vol. 1' during dinner at Table Dance.

〰️ Dinner by miss Michelle Woods at 18:30
〰️ dj set by ssaliva during dinner
〰️ JJ016: ssaliva - ’unplugged vol. 1’ album in your pocket
€ 35, reserve a seat at the table via

Already ate early?
Enjoy ssaliva's dj set & have his cd in your pocket for 10 €
or just enjoy his dj set for 5 €.
No reservation needed, please note: only cash at the entrance.

Party and drinks for everyone after🍴with
Dj Wimbeau
& Dj Och Leo

We Hope to see you!

unplugged– 04.06.2018


We're very excited to announce our upcoming release, 'unplugged vol. 1' is the first in a cd series by ssaliva.
11 skeletons of pop songs, bare and glassy, played on a fake nylon-stringed koto for an imaginary court of internet angels. With a cover drawing by Julien Meert.
One can already listen to 'fall w me'.

Will be released end of June!

Christmas Cheer– 18.12.2017



Jj funhouse annual Christmas Compilation is here!
Vol. 2 'I Wonder as I Wander'
With joyful tracks by Roger 3000, a.h.h., L.Lanser, Alpár, Suzanne Kraft, Jan Matthé, Milan W., &Apos, Hiele, TTsjenko!
Frrrrosty, find it here!

Wishing you a joyous holiday season and a very happy new year.
(Please note that we are not shipping between Christmas and New Year, from 23.12 until 3.01)

Gathering of Transmedial Publishers– 29.10.2017


'Selected Works 1983-1988' IS OUT ON 4.11.2017!

Milan made his long time favorite selection of Dr. C. Stein goodies. Assembled from the ‘Plays for you CD-R’ (Trumpett), the long sold out ‘Echo Trip LP’ (Treue um Treue) and some obscure corners of the Trumpett archive. We couldn’t be more happy with this perfect dream sequence of softspot hitters and 'present' it for a first time at the gathering, here next week, amongst many many other labels.


Gust– 04.10.2017


We are very happy to announce JJ013, the reissue of 'Casioworks' by Gust De Meyer, originally released as a cassette on Ding Dong Tapes and Records in 1983. This stuff has been making crooked collectors, old and young minimal-wave heads and other music lovers going bonkers for years.

White vinyl out on the 18th of October.
Listen to 'Casiowork 1.2.2' here:

Serafine– 04.05.2017

JJ012 is a C-25 tape by Accou, a somewhat mysterious frenchman residing in Brussels with a history of hard-ware jams and spaced out synth-fog, but on 'Serafine', he only used his electronic brainmachine. Ikebana kitsch mixed with tribal flavors and ethereal voices from all the corners of the galaxy: it's all there.

On Friday the 12th of May, he's playing at TRAP.


P.S: Mittland och Leo was inside STROOM last night.

For your Christmasss– 17.12.2016

We're very happy to present JJ011.
(The first annual) Jj funhouse Christmas Compilation Vol. 1 : 'Jjingle Bells'.
Featuring tracks by Milan W., Roger 3000, H. Takahashi, David Edren, MIAUX, Molnbär av John, ssaliva, Jan Matthé, Alpár and Art Interface.
For your Christmas!

We present it this Sunday 18.12 on STROOM, at 20:00 local time.


Press– 08.11.2016

Milan W.'s 'Intact' is nominated for a Red Bull Elektropedia Award in the category 'Belgium - The Vinyl Frontier', next to Dsr Lines by Ultra Eczema and Exo by Ekster Label, one could vote while there.
There's also a nice Dutch review in 'De Morgen'. Read here.
And one in Gonzo Circus magazine. Read here.

This Saturday we'll be at Schiev Festival, with a small label stand. Milan&Joke will be dj'ing around 14:30.

Intact– 10.09.2016

Very excited to finally present our new release!

Milan W. - Intact (12") (JJ010)
Anthems for misty trottoirs and empty clubs.
Milan W's new lp is here and it sounds like a comedown-classic which is way to funky to be an ambient record and has the power to cut as deep as any decent delta blues album.


OUT : 18.09.2016 (at RotKat Sundays, Bar Paniek)
RELEASEPARTY : 30.09.2016 (at Les Ateliers Claus)


Extra– 11.07.2016

Thank you everyone for coming out last Fridaynight. After Milan W.'s show, we can't wait to receive his baby 'Intact'. JJ009 was such a lovely series. Thank you Brahmen Raag, Mathieu Serruys, Floris Vanhoof, Milan W. and Extra City!


No Devil Excuse– 28.06.2016

The Red Devils win.
JJ009#4, Milan W.'s show is moved to Friday 8th of July.

Gizem is cooking a delicious Turkish meal, so come and join the (dinner)party!

We hope to see you all there.

JJ009#4– 07.06.2016

Thank you all for coming over last Fridaynight.
Floris was amazing as always. A three layered collage live projection accompanied by automatical gongs, hypnotised the whole cinemaspace of Extra City.


Last in this JJ009 series is Milan W., he'll be playing parts of his upcoming album, due in September. YAY!


JJ009 #3– 01.06.2016

We've very much enjoyed Mathieu Serruys' set on Friday night, thank you all for coming over.


Next one up is Floris Vanhoof, the third in a series of four concerts organised in the cinema space of Extra City.

Floris Vanhoof experiments with various analogue machines such as projectors and homemade synthesizers. High tech from the early days. This enthusiastic wizard is known for his performances where he combines electronic sound with energetic live visuals.

Be very welcome, this Friday night at Extra City.


P.S: Skandinavia! DSR Lines is coming your way and is on the lookout for shows. Han är mycket bra, inte att missa!

JJ009 #2– 13.05.2016

Mathieu Serruys is the second concert in a series of four, organised in the lovely cinema of Extra City.

Mathieu Serruys experiments with tape, old recorders, synthesizers and reel-to-reel to create grainy and dusty minimalistic melodies.
His beautiful debut album ‘On Germaine Dulac’ was released on BAADM last year, a label he runs with Joris Verdoodt.


JJ009 #1– 09.04.2016

JJ009 is a concert series at Extra City.
Brahmen Raag is the first in a series of four.

Brahmen Raag is the name under which Glen Steenkiste (Hellvete) and David Edren (DSR lines) commit a true symbiosis of their solo works in this partnership, only just recently instigated for a specific concert event in Ghent. Their first music output, using both acoustic and electronic instruments, will be released in april 2016 on the Hare Akedod label.


Postcards and maps– 14.11.2015

We started an ongoing postcard series.
After working in a museumshop for a couple of months and having seen a kabillion of postcards slide by the counter, we decided to print some of the pictures we took over the years as postcards. And here they are !


We recently designed the new Use-It map for Antwerp. With a brilliant photo taken by Lieven Segers at our favorite Witzli Putzli bar. We've had to photoshop some pants on it. :)


The twisted Word– 02.11.2015

If you happen to have read this months The Word Magazine, we sincerely hope to not come across as blunt as we seem to appear in the interview that got featured. The person whom we had a long nice chat with unfortunately didn’t transcript the interview himself. So, words got twisted around a bit and the way the interview is put together could lead to believe that we don't want to be a record label or that we don't care enough about what we do and who we work with. To be clear: we care. A lot. For those who want to read more: we elaborate a bit on specific outtakes because we feel it doesn't come close to what we are or what we think Jj funhouse should or can be.

On fridaynight Milan W. is playing a show at the first edition of Schiev Festival in Brussels. He has a whole new set up and it sounds wowwie again. Less lullaby, more beat!

Twiddler– 27.09.2015

A new tape is out today ! Tropic Daze by Hungarian Alpár. Slinky themes from an analogue twiddler; bad boy romantics and street wise synth cocktails straight out of Budapest.


We're having some troubles with the 'world' postage costs in our shop, if you'd like to order outside of Europe, please contact us via, we'll manage it manually.

Tropic daze– 14.08.2015

JJ007 is a tape by Alpár from Budapest. A C-50 filled with beautiful random sequences. His 'Tropic daze' cassette is off to the plant and should be out end of September!

You could have a listen to 'Petit Moustique' already, the 4th track on this upcosmic spools:

Shi shi– 22.05.2015

We've been reprinting the JJ003 T-shirts (for a last time) and totebags (both blue on white and white on black) for the labelmarket that's happening tomorrow, Saturday at Het Bos ( & what's left of them will be available in the shop afterwards).


Floris Van Hoof will present his new dvd, a lot of shows will be happening and there's an extensive dj line up. Mittland och Leo will be dj'ing as well as our favourite DJean Matthew from Für Dich Verlag.

Since we're (unfortunately) both busy with non Jj stuff these days, we still haven't found the time to photograph the Earth.Rope.Pot.Plant. book we designed. The presentation (by Earth.Rope.Pot.Plant.) at Het Bos last weekend was lovely. Mieke Verbijlen, who's photographs are widely spread out in the book, has some pictures on her blog.


ERPP– 07.05.2015

Hi there,

Earth.Rope.Pot.Plant. is a collective by Narelle Dore and Sigrid Volders. They've been working on several projects and collaborations since 2013 and decided to document the results in the form of a book. Which we designed. (in co. with E.R.P.P.)

They present it at Het Bos, on Sunday 17-05, from 13 till 16h CET, during Otark Breakfast Club. You can have a delicious breakfast/lunch, while listening to live sounds by David Edren (Dsr Lines). 'The Garden Without Green That No-one Can Enter', is occasionally open to the public.


Radio– 30.04.2015

Mittland och Leo is rather busy this weekend.
They play at Bozar night tonight. Amongst; Lowcommitee, TCF, Holly Herndon, RP GM KRC (DYNOOO + ssaliva), SOPHIE, ... and more. Their show starts at 1.30 AM.

Meanwhile Hiele is also playing a show in Brussels, Dublab is having some pre drinks at Les Ateliers Claus. Because...


tomorrow Hiele & Mittland och de Leo are driving to Amsterdam. Where our buddies from STROOM, Dublab, Berlin Community Radio, NTS London, Red Light radio and Boiler Room are hosting a 30 hours non-stop radio festival at Muziekgebouw aan't IJ. With live concerts, dj-sets and international radio makers discussing the current status of online radio. It starts Friday the first and keeps on streaming all the way up to Saturdaynight. Quite a programme; Dean Blunt, Craig Leon, Laurel Halo, James Pants, Awesome tapes from Africa and more... are playing as well. For those who aren't there, Stroom is going live!

Reissued– 17.04.2015


Mittland och Leo's Optimists album repress is here! Right on time for the record store day mass. The only record stores who have some are Music Mania in Ghent and Fat Kat & Wally's Groove World in Antwerp though. And of course there's our own non working online shop. We've noticed some difficulties with orders from abroad. Send an email with your address if you'd like to purchase, and we'll handle it manually in the meantime.

The Mittlands play in the UK, for the very first time. This mondaynight at Cafe Oto in London. An evening hosted by our friend Allon from Entr'acte. His flyer for the event is matching perfectly with the new blue lay out of 'Optimists' JJ002.2 insert and fold. Oh do come over if you happen to be in London town.


DSR STROOM– 25.03.2015

JJ006: DSR Lines - Analogie van de dageraad C-45 tape is out THIS SUNDAY! We present it online, 29.03.2015 on STROOM at 14 PM (CET). (ends at 14.45 PM)


That same day you can also buy them at Het Bos, (Ankerrui 5-7, 2000 Antwerp) where David (DSR Lines) himself is the owner of a tiny shop; a closet which he filled with beautiful releases. The shop is open every sunday during Otark Breakfast Club from 12h till 16h.

DSR Lines– 20.02.2015

DSR Lines has a record out on Ultra Eczema and presents it tonight at Stadslimiet !

It's rather a pure coincidence that our 6th release is a tape by the man in question. David Edren aka DSR Lines has been flexing his modular muscles in the Swedish institute of analog fun, called EMS. The result is 'Analogie van de dageraad', a C-45 tape.


Deep cuts of knitted sound (like macrame gone wrong, but just right), will drone you out straight to Walhalla. We release it on 100 pcs somewhere mid March. You can already have a listen to 'Dauwdaling', first track on the B side.

Merci trois mille– 11.01.2015

Wow, Jj full house! Thank you everyone for coming over yesterdaynight. Both Roger 3000 (with Dj New Smile) & Milan W. played beautiful shows. Dj Allon Kaye rocked the rest of the night and Dennis & Vaast won the award for best bartenders. All tapes are sold out now. But Roger 3000 put his a and b on soundcloud, have a listen here. Merci à tous !


Happy Holidays– 23.12.2014


Merry Christmas and happy holidays buddies !
We had a great first Jj year and like to thank everyone involved.
Especially; Sander, Wim, Milan, Julien, Allon & Jan.

Keep warm,

P.s.: shirts in the shop.

Yeyey 004 & 005– 15.12.2014


Two new tapes are out today and they sound just perfect !

♩♩004 is Roger 3000 - UFO love letters
A mix between electronic swirl and fingerpicking bliss. A soundtrack for the strangest parts of your every day.

♩♩005 is Milan W. - Slo Mo
Ancient machinerhythms whisper with the speed of falling snowflakes, knitting a perfect pattern for this guy’s endless book of gripping synth melodies.

They are out already but both will play and present their tapes at Stadslimiet on 10.01.2015, write this event down in your new agenda.

For your Christmas !– 30.11.2014

Since it's getting cold outside the funhouse, and some people mentioned they would like a Jj sweater, we decided to 'go for it'! You can pre-order until 10.12.2014.

Here's a video of Milan W.'s show together with Floris Van Hoof (Visuals) at Klappei. This song will also be on Milan's 'Slo Mo' tape which we are still impatiently awaiting for :

and here's a video of Mittland och Leo's version of 'Ghostriders in the sky':

The other one– 24.11.2014

And here's the second one :

JJ005 is an upcoming cassette by Milan W., called 'Slo Mo'. Containing 12 truly amazing tracks, pretty hard to pick just one for soundcloud. You can already listen to 'Fortuna', whilst we wait impatiently for the tapes to arrive.

Busy agenda this weekend:

on friday (28/11) the 'Ghostriders in the sky' night by Ultra Eczema is on at Het Bos. Mittland och Leo is playing a version amongst many many other boys and girls. It's the 7th part of Ultra Eczema's 'Toekomstmuziek festival'.

On saturday (29/11) Milan W. is playing a show at Klappei together with Floris Van Hoof, a Mind the gap night which Gonzo Circus is organizing.

And on sunday (30/11) Ultra Eczema is presenting a book 'Dennis Tyfus: Verleden tijdsbesteding' at 'de Bosbar' at daytime. Later that night Mittland och Leo is playing a show at Stadslimiet with HamaYôko. For this occasion Entr'acte will publish an event-only cassette in an edition of 50 numbered. It features new and previously-unreleased tracks by both artists. Only 40 copies will be for sale, and not available elsewhere subsequently.

So, make sure to come over!

Off to the plant– 11.11.2014

Two new releases are off to the duplicate plant.
We are very happy to announce JJ004, a wonderful cassette by Roger 3000 called 'UFO love letters'.

You can already listen to 'Tooville' here:

JJ002 is out– 04.10.2014

Thank you all for coming down to the funhouse on friday!
Maan for playing, Jaja Mattjé and Nosedrip for dj'ing amazing sets, our friends for helping out, fans for buying, those who sticked it out to the bitter end to help us clean,...
Mittland och Leo's LP is officially out ! You can find it at Music Mania, Vynilla & Wool-E Shop in Ghent. Fat Kat, Tune Up, Me and my Monkey, Wally's Groove World and Coffee & vinyl in Antwerp and for those in Brussels, find it at 72 records and Veals 'n geeks. Or online in our shop.


or get one at the next Mittland och Leo shows:

10/10 at Les Ateliers Claus, w/ Lawrence Le Doux & Habergeon, BXL
15/10 at De Kreun, w/ Lust For Youth, Kortrijk
13/11 at MiMa - Roodkapje, Rotterdam
14/11 at Gouvernement, Expo Eva Vermeiren, Ghent
15/11 at DansDans release, Vrijstaat-O, Oostende

"Fencing a piece of time", a solo exhibition by our dear friend Sine Van Menxel opened at Trampoline gallery on saturday. It's on view until the first of November!


Yey!– 27.09.2014

Real happy we found us a silkscreen studio. We made a totebag for all your future Jj purchases. We also made a calendar & a flyer for Het Bos' concert programme.


Only one week left until JJ002 is out. Mittland och Leo's 'Optimists' release party on friday the 3rd with MAAN, Mittland och leo and funfun dj's Wim Lots, Jaja Mattjé and Nosedrip! Oh y'all, come down to the funhouse! Exciting times ahead...

P.S: We also have Instagram these days.


Première– 08.09.2014

'Ascona' the 3rd track of Mittland och Leo's 'Optimists' LP
got featured here and here. Thank you! They are also part of an online archive by Wesley Goatley, together with many Extrapooled boys and girls, the archive is playing throughout the streets of Nijmegen.