JJ014: Dr C Stein - Selected Works 1983-1988

2017 Record JJ014
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we made our long time favorite selection of Dr. C. Stein goodies. Assembled from the ‘Plays for you CD-R’ (Trumpett), the long sold out ‘Echo Trip LP’ (Treue um Treue) and some obscure corners of the Trumpett archive. We couldn’t be more happy with this perfect dream sequence of softspot hitters.


-A1 Golden Magic
-A2 Lekker Rustig
-A3 El Syncro
-A4 Aase Rasmussen
-A5 He Is With Us
-B1 Monte Carlo 1970
-B2 Mute Hahahahaha
-B3 Johnson Wax
-B4 Volé
-B5 Deutschland Rundfahrt
-B6 Petit Synth d’Amour

REMASTERED by Ruud Lekx at Rude66
ARTWORK by Jj funhouse
RELEASED by Jj funhouse in 2017 under exclusive license from Trumpett, Den Burg, Texel, The Netherlands.

This pink vinyl comes in an offset printed discosleeve covered in a thick plastic outersleeve and includes a unique MP3 downloadcode.
Stamp numbered on 500 pieces.