JJ012: Accou - Serafine C-25

2017 Tape JJ012
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Jj funhouse presents JJ012, a C-25 by ACCOU, a somewhat mysterious frenchman residing in Brussels with a history of hard-ware jams and spaced out synth-fog, but on 'Serafine', he only used his electronic brainmachine. Ikebana kitsch mixed with tribal flavors and ethereal voices from all corners of the galaxy: it's all there. No wonder these sounds are made as a tribute for American sound-effects maestro and composer Frank Serafine!


  • A1 Être sorcière
  • A2 Guitare professionelle
  • A3 Les battements de coeur
  • A4 Décollage final
  • A5 La fille fleurie
  • A6 Cliché
  • A7 Ëtre sorcière (2)
  • B1 Comme un sentiment
  • B2 Arbre de l'antiquité
  • B3 R2R
  • B4 Attendre
  • B5 Les bleus de Yokosuka
  • B6 Destinée

MUSIC by Accou
Composed and recorded on computer in Bologna, Italy 2016
ARTWORK by Jj funhouse
RISOPRINTED at Risiko Press