010.2: Milan W - Intact 12" Reissue

2017 Record JJ010.2
Price 15
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Sweet memories of early Warp-classics and Rephlex good old freshness come to mind (think early Autechre, Bochum Welt,...). The feel is less krauty and much more UK but definitely Milan’s. Digesting the old into something completely fresh. Ghosts of new beat are lingering on. Slowly but clearly Milan W slips away from the bar towards the floor. The groove is more uptempo and these tracks are built to make you move in both ways. You can definitely start smelling the club in here. Smooth but raw and pretty far from any big room stylistics. Ocean-dwelling atmosphere included.


  • A1 Venice
  • A2 Data
  • A3 Aurora
  • B1 Hall
  • B2 Drummer One
  • B3 Capella
  • B4 Contender

WRITTEN & PRODUCED by Milan Warmoeskerken
RECORDED at Studio Isabella
MASTERED by Ruud Lekx at Rude 66
ARTWORK by Jj funhouse

Comes in a foldable soft colored printed sleeve with a lilac printed paperbag. Covered in a thick plastic outersleeve, including a unique downloadcode. Stamp numbered on 500 pieces.