JJ001: C. Young – Daily's 10"

2014 10" record JJ001
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Milan Warmoeskerken bangs out six dusty slabs of power melancholia on his first EP as Crumar Young.


  • A1 Shereen
  • A2 Big Choice
  • A3 Cindy Supermarket
  • B1 World Communication
  • B2 Perfect Look
  • B3 Palm Café

MUSIC by Milan Warmoeskerken
MIXED by Joris Caluwaerts at Finster
MASTERED by Kris Delacourt
ARTWORK by Jj funhouse in co. with Milan Warmoeskerken
Published April 2014

Comes in a B&W printed discosleeve, silkscreened outersleeve & has a unique downloadcode.