JJ009 #1 : Brahmen Raag

Date: 29 Apr 2016

Extra City Cinema

Facebook event

Brahmen Raag is the name under which Glen Steenkiste (Hellvete) and David Edren (DSR lines) commit a true symbiosis of their solo works in this partnership, only just recently instigated for a specific concert event in Ghent. Their first music output, using both acoustic and electronic instruments, will be released in april 2016 on the Hare Akedod label.

Glen Steenkiste performs solo as Hellvete, drawing influences from old folk music and drone minimalism into some hypnotic music, using mostly acoustic instruments like the harmonium and shruti box. Steenkiste is also a member of psych outfit Sylvester Anfang II and one of the founders of the Funeral Folk label. He has released albums on Kraak, Blackest Rainbow and Deep Distance to name a few. – http://degek.wordpress.com

David Edren has been creating electronic sounds as DSR Lines for almost 2 decades and has released music on fine labels like Ultra Eczema, Sicsic Tapes and Lal lal lal amongst others. In 2012 he co-started the Hare Akedod label, an imprint for electro acoustic improv music. After a residency in the renowned ElektronMusikStudion in Stockholm, Edren finalised these recordings as ‘Analogie Van de Dageraad’; the album Antwerp label Jj Funhouse released in 2015. – http://a-dsr.net

Brahmen Raag is the first in a series of four concerts organised in the cinema space of Extra City.