Vol. 2 'I Wonder as I Wander'

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2017 Tape

Jj funhouse Christmas Compilation Vol. 2 'I wonder as I wander'

This glitter tape is filled to the rim with splitting atoms of wonder: sharp needles of digital ambient, miniature freak-outs and sequences, sparkling with young veterans and old newcomers.



Roger 3000 - Distant Star
a.h.h. - Not Yet
L. Lanser - Frost
Alpár - Keskiyön Aurinko
Suzanne Kraft - Windows

Jan Matthé - Do They Know
Milan W. - Spirit
&Apos - fov
Hiele - Strings & Scale
TTsjenko - Jardin Theme

V/A C-36
MASTERED by Milan Warmoeskerken
ARTWORK by Jj funhouse
RISOPRINT by Risikopress
FONT by Jérémy Landes
250 hand numbered pcs